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Why you need moisture barrier bag?
Why you need moisture barrier bag?

Your shipment can be damaged by impact, collision, pushing, rolling, impact and other damage, regardless of whether it is transporting sensitive medical equipment, food or pharmaceuticals. Your cargo can be affected by corrosion, dirt and dirt when it is shipped abroad. This can impact everything, from the functionality and freshness of electronics to food quality.

To protect your shipment, you can use foam inserts and corrugated boxes with corrugated card dividers. Smart shippers make smart choices to provide extra protection for shipping by sea.

Desiccant is a substance that absorbs water

A vapor retarder

To a greater degree, you can also use moisture barrier bags.

What materials are used to make moisture barrier bags?

You can create moisture barrier bags using many different materials, not only in various sizes and shapes, but also with many other options.

Aluminum foil

Kraft paper coated with bitumen

Exterior grade plywood

Glass and sheet metal

Metalized films

Aluminum with paper backing



You can find moisture barrier bags made from many materials such as polyethylene/foil lamination or thin-set woven/foil lamination. For packaging and shipping, bags, sacks, and sheets made of polyethylene, foil or poly/foil lamina, thin-set fabric/foil lamina, and polyethylene are common.

How do you choose the best moisture barrier bag?

You can choose from a range of moisture barrier bags, which come in different sizes, materials, and durability, so let a professional help with your packaging and shipping needs.

Topcode-drypack.com professionals will review the contents of your shipment and the destination, storage, size, quantity, etc. when choosing the right moisture barrier bag to protect your shipment.


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