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Why should we use montmorillonite desiccant for electronic products?
Why should we use montmorillonite desiccant for electronic products?

Why montmorillonite desiccant should be used for electronic products? Electronic components are rapidly developing in the direction to miniaturization. Packaging is also rapidly developing in the direction towards cheapness. All electronic components are usually encapsulated with plastic. However, the downside to plastic packaging is that cold and wet vapor can penetrate the package's raw material and the joint surface of an electronic device and into the internal components. This not only causes internal power circuit short circuit failure but also air oxidation.

Moreover, high temperatures in electronic components assembled soldering weld process will cause IC internal wet vapor heat deformation due to sufficient pressure. This can lead to separation out (up layers), line bundle damage and integrated IC damage as well as internal cracks. Component swelling and chipping can be caused by more serious cracks. The poor quality of scrap and products has caused more than 25% of the world's industrial manufacturing industries, including electronics, to experience wet and cold gases.

The damage to electronic components during storage and logistics will also affect the finished products. Production of electronic devices should not exceed 40%. Certain electronic components should have lower temperature regulations humidity. It is therefore essential to use a moisture-proof agent when packaging electronic components. Montmorillonite desiccant can be used to waterproof electronic equipment. It is more absorbent than silica gel when it is kept dry at low temperatures. It is able to maintain electronic equipment better.

Montmorillonite desiccant, made from pure montmorillonite and dried and activated without any additives, is non-corrosive and non-toxic and non-polluting. It can also be used as general waste.

montmorillonite desiccant high moisture absorption, strong smell removal, non-toxic, tasteless, and no environmental pollution. The moisture absorption rate is more than 50% to 100% higher than that of silica gel type desiccant. The natural structure can selectively adsorb toxic gases such as formaldehyde and sulfide.

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