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What is the use of desiccant?
What is the use of desiccant?

Desiccants are substances that adsorb molecules. It is important to know the right temperature and humidity to determine what desiccant you should use and how much. Most desiccants don't chemically bond to water or any other preventative substances. They adsorb them and store them in a place that will not cause any harm to the product. You can get help from our dedicated customer service team to determine the right size desiccant for you.

Desiccants can be used to protect packaged goods by reducing relative humidity or moisture content. You are protecting your valuables by using our barrier foil liner.

Desiccant removes moisture from articles or air. It is usually divided into chemical and physical desiccant. Chemical desiccant contains calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and physical desiccant contains silica gel, alumina. This makes desiccant very popular and can be used for food moisture prevention and instrument preservation.

The role of the desiccant.

1, Absorb moisture

Desiccant can be used to remove moisture from articles and air. Food, clothing, and equipment can be preserved under different humidity levels.

The decay of food and equipment will be accelerated by the moisture in the atmosphere

Desiccant is required to keep the items dry.

2, Use classification

There are two types of desiccant: chemical desiccant or physical desiccant. Their water absorption methods can be different.

The chemical desiccant uses calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, and other raw materials to achieve the effect water adsorption by chemical reaction. While the physical desiccant uses silica gel or alumina for raw materials and also achieves water adsorption by chemical reaction

Physical desiccant is composed of silica gel, alumina and absorbs water in a physical way.

  1. Application scope

Desiccant can be used in many applications. It can also be used in medicine and food to maintain the material's dryness.

It can be used to preserve the moisture in food and medicine and inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.

To the corrosion of moisture.

Our common desiccants include silica gel, mineral/montmorillonite, calcium chloride and so on, which are more common. Different desiccants have different characteristics, so it is important to select the right products for you based on the desiccants. Silica gel desiccant, for example, is non-toxic and safe in the environment. It can also be used directly with food so it will be suitable for products that have higher safety requirements such as medicine, food, electronic precision instruments, etc.

And for some industrial products with not very high requirements on safety such as shoes, clothes, hats, closet, etc., we can use mineral/montmorillonite, calcium chloride and these desiccant products. These desiccants can be used to control costs and improve the product's use.

Contact our customer service team for more information on desiccant and other products from our range. They will be glad to assist you in finding the best solution.

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