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What Is Humidity Indicator Card and it’s Benefits?
What Is Humidity Indicator Card and it’s Benefits?

Humidity Indicator Card, Desiccant Bentonite

A Humidity Indicator Card for relative humidity is a card that is impregnated with a moisture-sensitive chemical and changes color to indicate where the relative humidity level has exceeded.

HICs) Humidity Indicator Cards are a ultra minimal expense strategy for showing stickiness conditions inside the dampness obstruction sack post vacuum bundling. Pointer spots on HICs change tone as the stickiness increments and diminishes.

You can constantly check the condition of dry packaging in your supply chain with humidity indicator cards. The indicator spots change color from brown to green as they are exposed to relative humidity conditions. The cards are reversible and adjust as the packaging environment changes, providing users with an opportunity to monitor the conditions of product packaging.

Features & Benefits Of Humidity Indicator Card

  • Lightweight material
  • Quickly estimates dampness levels
  • Can be vacuum fixed
  • Cost-powerful arrangement
  • Early recognizable proof keeps harmed things from entering creation line
  • Identify as well as screen stickiness levels before opening inward substance

Applications of Humidity Indicator Card

  • Dry bundling of semiconductor a& electronic gadgets
  • Storing parts in dampness obstruction sacks

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