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Topcod-drypack:Desiccant Manufacturer
Topcod-drypack:Desiccant Manufacturer

Desiccant is also known as a moisture absorber. It is a substance that removes moisture from damp materials. There are two types of desiccants: chemical desiccants (like calcium sulfate or calcium chloride), which dry by mixing with water to create hydrates; and physical desiccants (like silica gel, activated alumina), which dry by physically binding water.

Controlling moisture closely correlates with product yield. Food spoilage can be caused by bacteria and mold growth at high temperatures and humidity. High humidity can also lead to metal oxidation in electronic products, which can cause defective products. Desiccants can be used to prevent the development of defective products due to excess moisture.

Calcium chloride desiccant, which is a highly effective adsorbent material with the main components being calcium chloride (and gum starch), is an efficient one. It is formed by chemical reactions between water molecules and calcium salts. This absorbs moisture from the environment and transforms into a gel. This creates a complete lack of leakage. Common silica gel desiccant absorbs 10%-27% of its weight. Calcium chloride desiccant can absorb 300%. The common desiccant has a moisture absorption rate of 8-15 times that of silica gel.

Clay desiccant has the appearance of a small gray ball and is best suited for absorbing moisture below 50 degrees. Clay desiccant will release more water than clay absorbs when the temperature rises above 50 degrees Celsius. Clay's advantage is its low price.

Because of its low cost and high adsorption, montmorillonite has steadily become a major mineral desiccant material.

Montmorillonite desiccant is also known as clay desiccant or dericcant bentonite.

A special formula desiccant product can also be used as moisture absorbers for shipping containers. The moisture-absorbing agent for transport containers is a special formula desiccant that works to remove condensation from storage and transportation containers. Topcode-drypack can protect cargo from mold, mildew and corrosion while transporting goods.

Topcode-drypack offers a wide range of irreversible and reversible humidity indicator cards. These color-changing cards are a cost-effective way to indicate humidity conditions in all types of electronic, military and barrier packaging. Our standard HIC cards can change from blue to pink depending on the environment.

Topcode-drypack has a complete line of VCI products, including VCI bags (yellow-blue-green), paper, rolls, and other anti-corrosion materials. VCI protects ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals against rust, loss in luster, staining, and oxidation, as well as corrosion. Vic is a chemical that releases anti-rust gasses into the atmosphere to remove rust and corrosion from virtually any metal surface. VCI chemicals are carried in packaging materials like paper and polyethylene film. VCI products from Topcode-drypack are often combined with packaging desiccants to offer the best solution for long-term corrosion prevention.

Topcode-drypack provides bentonite desiccants and calcium chloride desiccants. Super dry desiccants. Container desiccants. Silica gel for food. We also offer a variety of VCI products. Please contact us at Topcode-drypack.com with any questions.

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