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Topcod-drypack:Desiccant Industry Leader
Topcod-drypack:Desiccant Industry Leader

Topcode-drypack sells various kinds of desiccants, temperature indicator cards, and vacuum sealer bags, and we have a professional quality inspection team to make sure your products are better.

Humidity can cause mold and corrosion. Condensation can also occur when there are temperature fluctuations. The enclosure's humidity will absorb moisture for a time but eventually will lose its effectiveness and must be replaced. You can take immediate action if the humidity level is high in shipping boxes or shipping containers.

When dry, cobalt chloride turns blue and pink when it is exposed to water. This is a great way to measure humidity. This color change has been designed by chemists to be able to take place at different levels of humidity. Indicators can be found in increments of 10% - from 10% to 90 percent relative humidity.

Accuracy is usually quoted at +/– 5% at 75degF. The indicator will display a lower humidity level at temperatures higher than 75°F. The reading will be slightly higher at lower temperatures. Some concerns have been raised about the potential toxicity of cobalt-chloride. Its use in Europe is restricted. Cobalt-free indicators can be found. If you have any questions, please consult a professional.

It is sufficient for most applications to have an indicator that displays the current humidity level. In some cases, however, an irreversible, or permanent indicator may be more useful. An irreversible indicator indicates the maximum humidity level of the container. This indicator can be used for transportation and long-term storage. They are sometimes called "color spot" elements. When exposed to high humidity, they can turn orange or blue. The maximum humidity indicator won't activate again if the color has changed. It must be replaced.

These are the three most popular types of indicators.

Cobalt chloride can be used to coat silicone desiccant. It will turn pink when the humidity is at a certain level. This is known as an indicator desiccant.

A humidity indicator card is another option. It is the same size as a playing card and contains small circles that change in color depending on how humid it is. A card could have 30%, 40%, or 50% humidity. These cards can be used for military, electronic, and general commercial purposes.

Topcode-drypack's third indicator, the humidity indicator, is based on the same principles as the humidity card. However, the humidity indicator can be mounted on sealed containers and can be viewed visually through the window.

Topcod-drypack can help you determine if a humidity indicator would be suitable for your application.

The next question is how to deal with humidity. To anti corrosion, products such as desiccants or moisture-proof vacuum bags can be used.

Topcod Drypack's vacuum seal bags, multi-layer coextruded flowers vacuum sealing bags and rolls are made with high-quality imported food-grade raw materials in our fully enclosed clean-room production plant. Topcod-drypack vacuum seal bags are BPA-free and can be used with most vacuum sealers. These bags are ideal for food storage, including small amounts of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, dried grains, poultry, fish, and coffee. They can also be used for non-food purposes such as the preservation of collectibles, silverware, and valuable documents.

Topcode-drypack's waterproof vacuum bags are also known as vacuum bags or aluminum foil bags. They are made from high-quality imported raw materials. The bags are produced using automatic assembly lines and meet moisture-proof standards. Explosion-proof logo with anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference, moisture-proof six functions, good waterproof, oxygen puncture resistance. The bag must pass GB and ASTM testing and meet the strictest environmental standards in North America and Europe for packaging materials. It can be used to package electronic products that have moisture-proof requirements. The electrostatic discharge time of fewer than 0.05 seconds, surface resistance 108-1010Ω。

Topcod-drypack can help you determine if your application requires the following items. With 18 years of experience in the desiccant industry. We are a high-tech company that combines scientific research, production, and marketing with technical service.

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