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Silica Gel

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How safe is silica gel for food? Silicone is safe for food. Silicone gel desiccants can be used to remove moisture from food. Silicone won't alter or penetrate food packaging. Because silica gel, which is non-toxic and inert, is not subject to regulation in many countries. The FDA has approved it for use in the USA and no approval is required for foods containing less that 2%. Is silica gel for food dangerous? Silicone used in food is safe. Silica, especially crystalline silica forms, can cause lung problems. Because silicone is not broken down in the same manner, it doesn't cause the same problems. You will see more dust than what you'll experience over the life of packaged cans or packaged food packages. Even if you are exposed to high levels of silicone dust, your body will be able to remove it and the silica crystals will not stick to your lungs for ever. Silica gel can be used in many ways for food. Food contamination is often caused by moisture. Silicone for food has the wonderful advantage of being able to absorb around 40% more moisture than its weight and size. The size of the pack will depend on how much food is being protected. Most food products are packaged in silicone with suitable materials to absorb moisture. It is usually made of Tyvek or Polyester fabric. Silica gel can also be reused multiple times. This is an important aspect to consider when using it. It is only necessary that the silica gel be heated to a specific temperature (approx. 250*F for approximately 2 hours to remove all stored substances. Silica gel for food is the best option to preserve their durability, especially for isomaltone sugar alcohols or cooked sugars that absorb water. These products can become sticky when they are exposed to moisture. These characteristics and properties make silica gel an ideal choice for protecting products from moisture.
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