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Industrial Grade Desiccants

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Bentonite desiccant, a high-performance desiccant, is used to protect many products from moisture degradation and maintain product quality and shelf lives. It is used extensively in diagnostic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. Because of its cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, and adsorptive qualities, bentonite makes a great desiccant. Because of its absorbent qualities, Bentonite can be used as a desiccant. These bentonite desiccants help protect healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic products from moisture damage and prolong their shelf life. Activated clay has a greater absorption rate than silica gel in many standard packaging. It conforms to FDA regulations regarding contact with food or drugs. Mechanism of working bentonite desiccant. 1. Hydration interlayer exchangeable Cations Montmorillonite layers with no water loss are spaced at 0.96um. The type of interlayer Cations and degree of hydration can also vary. The interlayer cation used and the degree of hydration will affect the crystal spacing. The layer spacing at the same temperature varies from medium-to-medium. Dry montmorillonite has a very high hygroscopicity, so the crystal layer spacing under natural conditions is Natural conditions have a crystal layer spacing of 1.2-1.5yum. At different temperatures, the hygroscopicity changes with the cations that are adsorbed between layers. Calcium-based montmorillonite has a calcium-based montmorillonite. Low temperatures make montmorillonite's water absorption and swelling capabilities more apparent. Honeycomb-like properties are found in the desiccant made with bentonite. The surface area is quite large, with a large exchange capacity and a very high moisture absorption performance. 2. Because montmorillonite's surface has a negative charge, it creates an electrostatic field that promotes the formation of dipole water molecules. Therefore, the dipole water molecules will always align in the correct direction. The oxygen atoms exposed on the silica-oxygen trihedral crystal's surface can form hydrogen bonds with HO_ water molecules. Hydrogen bonds are used to bond water molecules to oxygen atoms in the quaternary Tetrahedra.
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