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Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC)

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Humidity indicator, Humidity indicator card

Long-distance travel can lead to moisture damage that is unpredictable. This can result in significant losses and costs for your company. Companies may choose to use humidity indicator cards or a moisture-proof product to protect their products from moisture damage during transport and storage. What causes moisture damage Humidity is responsible for moisture damage. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air as temperatures fluctuate. What can you do to help? A humidity indicator card can be used to determine if the product was damaged in transport or storage. What is the secret to it? The Humidity Indicator Cards (HICs) measure the container's relative humidity. The colour of the humidity sensitive indicator will change as the relative humidity rises. This indicator allows you to identify whether your product has been subject to unacceptable humidity levels. Why do we need an HIC if there has been damage? A humidity indicator card is a way to assign liability for product damage and simplify the litigation or claims process. It allows companies to use a moisture-proof solution to prevent costly damage.
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