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ESD Laminated Foil Bags

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What is an aluminum foil bag? Aluminium foil bags can be made from a variety of films laminated and then passed through a bag-making machine. It can be used to package foodstuffs, industrial and pharmaceutical products, everyday necessities, and other items. These products can be used for vacuum packaging large precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw material, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Most products are four-layer in structure with excellent water and oxygen barrier functions. Products must pass the ASTM and GB standard tests to ensure they meet environmental protection requirements. Aluminium foil bag product characteristics Appearance. Opaque, reflective, barrier and heat seal. Aluminium foil bag product structure. PET/AL/PET/PE. Different thicknesses and composites can be customized as needed. Temperature range 38 to 90%, humidity between 5% and 10%. Specifications of the products: Thickness 0.10mm and 0.14mm; three side seals, side sealing 10mm. Product specifications and sizes can also be customized to meet customer requirements. Aluminum foil bag application scope. (1) Can be used to package various electronic products, precision machine parts, consumer goods, and industrial products. Examples include PC board, IC integrated Circuit, electronic components, various LED Industry SMT, lamp packaging, precision hardware and other packaging. (2) Food packaging: Milk, rice, meat products and dried fish, bacon, roast chicken, roast pork, frozen food, bacon, roast ducks, roast pigs, ham, bacon product, sausages, cooked products, pickles or bean paste to preserve the flavour, aroma, quality, and colour of seasonings.
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