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use of desiccator,superior desiccant,super dry superior desiccant,desiccator chemistry,drierite desiccant What is desiccant? Desiccant, a drying agent, is used to absorb moisture in the air within a moisture-proof bag. Desiccant absorbs moisture from the bag's air. Any moisture that seeps inside the bag will be absorbed. Even after the moisture has completely dissolved, the desiccant will remain dry. How do I buy desiccant? Desiccants can be purchased by the unit, or fractional unit. A specific amount of water can be absorbed by one unit of desiccant. One unit of desiccant weighs 28g or 1 ounce. To keep desiccant dry during storage and shipping, desiccant bags can be placed in metal drums. These desiccant and moist barrier bags can be used for shipping and storage.
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