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How does the desiccant fail?
How does the desiccant fail?

1. Quicklime desiccant-it may be a white block within the dry state, and can release heat when it's put into water. After absorbing moisture, it becomes powdery, and there's no reaction in water.

2. colloid desiccant-it is colorless, transparent or translucent particles before use, and therefore the appearance color may turn yellow and dark after use. The colloid desiccant are often utilized in conjunction with the color-changing colloid desiccant to work out whether it's deteriorated. Discoloration of colloid desiccant the colour of colloid desiccant will change after use, blue or pink, orange will turn green. Ordinary colorless and transparent colloid desiccant can't be intuitively judged. you'll put the colour -changing colloid desiccant into it and judge by observing the color change of the color-changing colloid desiccant.

3. Mineral desiccant-ordinary block mineral desiccant, after use, it'll become clay-like. However, it's generally judged whether it's deteriorated, unless the water content test is passed.




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