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We are an environmental protection enterprise focusing
on the production and sales of desiccant

Our strength

Focus on moisture absorption and moisture-proof field to provide better protection for your products


Desiccant production experience


Desiccant production experience




We provide customized all-in-one solutions with desiccants, humidity indicator cards and ESD bags VCI products. And our fully automatic machine including auto-horizontal packaging machine, double roll film powder packer, automatic pellet packer and mult-row pellet packer.

900 +
Annual output of more than 10000 tons
meets various customer needs

Our factory built more than 30000 square meter with more than 200 desiccants production lines in Foshan.

We have several branches R&D department with our own

desiccant wrapping paper in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Germany.


Our products offer solutions to many indutries, suitable to garments, shoes, leather, components of metal, spare parts, PCB, LED, IC, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Protect your cargo from moisture damage

In the process of ocean transportation, the generation of water molecules will affect your goods and cause damage to your goods and we can help you solve this problem efficiently and perfectly

VCI Plastic, Aluminum Foil Bag, Desiccants

Topcod-Drypack is China’s leading and most prominent Aluminum foil bags manufacturer and supplier. We are improving supply chains by giving the best quality packaging solutions. It’s tied in with advancing to make more astute packaging and coordination solutions while continually regarding individuals and moral guidelines.

Topcod-Drypack packaging items:

VCI Plastic, Humidity Indicator, Aluminum Foil Bags, Moisture Absorbers for Shipping Containers, Vacuum Sealer Bags, Anti Corrosion, Moisture Absorber, Moisture Barrier Bags and Dry Bag.

Aluminum foil bags:

Our company is known as the top Aluminum foil bags manufacturers in China. An aluminum foil bag made in China is utilized for shifted applications. Offered range is accessible in different measurements, sizes,, and plans as per the clients’ requests and directions.

This item is minded a few boundaries to guarantee greatness. Offered range is open in norm just as redone details according to the client’s interest and generally requested in different areas. This item is made by utilizing quality material.

Features of aluminum foils:

  1. Best quality bags
  2. Safe to use
  3. Available in the best finish

Humidity Indicator Card, Moisture Barrier Bags, Silica Gel Packets

Being one of the promising organizations, Topcod-Drypack is occupied with offering a wide scope of VCI bag in bulk to satisfy the needs of our customers. These bags are profoundly tough and guarantee longer useful life.


  • Made up of VCI material
  • It is used in industries
  • Pack Type: Bag, Roll, Sheet

Calcium Chloride Desiccant, Container Desiccant, Montmorillonite Desiccant

Desiccant is accessible in numerous spongy materials: Calcium chloride desiccant >, Container desiccant, Super dry desiccant, Desiccant bentonite, and Montmorillonite desiccant. These are the sort of desiccant with high ingestion limit, high seal strength, low residue or no residue, high wellbeing and are harmless to the ecosystem and reusable.


  1. Moisture adsorbing capacity
  2. Moisture protection
  3. Long timeframe usability

Silica gel packets

Blue Silica gel is a smooth precious stones utilized for moisture absorbent.

Blue Silica gel is utilized as a desiccant to control humidity to keep away from deterioration of goods. Moreover, its high surface region permits it to assimilate water promptly, making it useful as a desiccant.

It is broadly utilized as silica gel drier for packaging shoes, foodstuff, medicine, clothes, and instruments.

You can also buy Silica gel for food at affordable prices!

Dry bag

Dry bag has made a sufficient scope of Container Desiccant, which is exceptionally created to deliver export containers and other exporting. Our dry air desiccants and dry air desiccants persistently ingest the moistness and bad smell from the encased space of the compartments and keep it from moisture damage.


  • It helps in controlling the moistur
  • It is preventing from the rain and water
  • It is available at low expenses than Silica Gel Per
  • It is Non – toxic
  • It is Eco friendly

Our items are fabricated utilizing premium quality materials. These items are broadly valued for their highlights like effectiveness, sturdiness, ideal execution, and dependability. They are accessible in different determinations as per the prerequisites of the customers.

We have a group of specialists who continually check the nature of the items. We utilize modern apparatus to manufacture these items. These are utilized in different modern applications.

Sodium Pyrosulfite, Facial Lifting Machine, Stainless Steel Sheets, Street Light Fixtures, Glass Protective Film, Custom Sticker Sheets, LED 405nm, Bathroom Cupboards, Vespa Primavera Parts, Adult Diaper with Tabs, Moisture Barrier Bag, Car Vent Air Freshener, The World Wide Ads

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